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Written by Jelena

When Will My Campaign Start?

Hi Skyleaders, 

My name is Jelena and in this tutorial, I will explain one of the most common questions you ask our Customer Care and Success Managers. At least that’s what they say 🙃 Jokes aside… 

When will your campaign start? 

Have in mind that each campaign has to go through a discovery phase. It is a process in which Skylead is searching the leads’ profiles and putting them into the campaign. After that, all other steps will slowly start with execution. How long this discovery phase will last, as well as how much time after the discovery the steps will be executed, will depend on your daily limits. 

Also, have in mind that each step of the campaign will be stretched throughout the working hours you set on Skylead’s Settings page so that the outreach seems as humanly done as possible. 

Furthermore, will your campaign start before Skylead discovers all the leads?

Yes, it will, but not right away (after 15-30 minutes if you are in your working hours). Our software is set to discover leads to a certain percentage and then slowly move on to the next step with the ones it already found. This also contributes to making the outreach seem as humanly done as possible. 

All clear? Great. 😃

I hope this tutorial was useful! 

Enjoy your Skylead experience!