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Written by Steve

What is Captcha and How to Prevent It?

Captcha is one of the methods that LinkedIn uses to make sure that user accounts are safe and secure. These prompts appear for security reasons. They are likely if you sign in to your account from an unfamiliar location or device.

Getting a Captcha when first signing up for Skylead is perfectly normal since you are logging in to your LinkedIn account from an unfamiliar location. If this is happening more often than usual, it’s probably because of one of these things:

  • You're accessing the account from multiple IP addresses
  • You're accessing the account from multiple devices
  • You have some other automation tool connected with that account
  • You're on LinkedIn standard plan and overusing it, so you would have to upgrade the plan

To make sure that these issues don’t happen, try switching to Skylead proxies when connecting your profile. You can also learn more about them here

You also don’t have to worry about manually solving these Captchas yourself since our system will be solving captchas automatically.

The other method of protection that we’ve mentioned is to complete a simple PIN verification and that way Linkedin will verify that you are the owner of the account. To see how to do that, feel free to check out this article.