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Written by Jelena

"Synchronize" Settings Option

Hi Skyleaders, 

Here we are, at the Settings Section. And you wonder - what does this “Synchronize” option do? 

My name is Jelena and in this tutorial, I will show you that it is actually quite simple, yet useful. 💅🏼

First thing first, click on the Settings button (in the lower-left corner) and then choose the “Synchronize” option. 

What is the purpose of this option? 

The purpose of this section is to synchronize data when you are outside of your working hours. When we say “Working Hours” we refer to those that you previously set in Skylead (the hours when your account is active). 

This is how the “Synchronize” page looks like: 

As you may see, you have three options:

  • Sync chat - when offline, it requires a little manual push. So if you want to check who answered your messages after your working hours, go ahead and sync your chat. 😁 Each update requires a few minutes to show. 
  • Sync Connections - your Connection Requests will be sent during your working hours, but your leads will be responding at different times. In case you want to check who accepted you outside of your working hours, click on “Sync Connections” and wait a couple of minutes. Everything will be visible/updated on your Campaign Tracking Dashboard as well. 
  • Sync Emails - when you are offline you can go ahead and check who replied to your emails, what your open rate is, what your click rate is (in case you have a link in your email), etc. 

During your working hours, your chat, Connections, and Emails will be updated often enough so you don’t have to worry about that. 

I hope this tutorial was useful to you! 👌🏻 

Enjoy your Skylead experience! 🍹