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Written by Jelena

Smart Sequences: "Custom Condition"

Hi Skyleaders, 

Let’s speak of all the possibilities that Custom Condition gives you and its role in the building of your Smart Sequence! 

Custom Condition is there to save time, make a shortcut, and put together more conditions into one output. Therefore, Skylead gives you the option of branching off your campaigns in up to 5 custom-made outputs, in comparison to regular conditions that only have two (yes/no). 

My name is Jelena and in this tutorial, I will show you how to make 4 custom-made outputs. Of course, you can get creative with it as much as you want, I am here to show you just some of the possibilities. 

Once you click on “Create New Output”, the following options will appear: 

  • Delete the previously-set output
  • Configure the next output 
  • Set the timing after which the custom condition will get executed - so in my example, I am setting how much after the Email Verification step will Custom Condition be executed. 

Output N1

Let’s opt for “If connected” for the output N1, then “Message”.  

(on the right)

(how the sequence looks)


Output N2

Let’s opt for “If not connected” but “has verified email”, then “Email message”.

(on the right) 

(how the sequence looks)


Output N3

Let’s opt for “If not connected”, “if has verified email”, but “open to Free InMails”, then “InMail message” 

(on the right) 

(how the sequence looks) 

Output N4

Let’s opt for “If not connected”, “If no verified email”, “if no free InMail”, then “Follow” as a reminder that we tried to reach out. 

(on the right)

(how the sequence looks) 

I hope this tutorial was useful and that you will get creative with our Custom Conditions! 

Enjoy your Skylead experience! 🤸🏼