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Written by Jelena

Skylead Chat Labels

Hi Skyleaders, 

How much do you appreciate being organized? Well, we do! 🗂️

We want your outreach to be as successful as possible by making it easier for you to manage your leads and know exactly where they stand in your campaign anytime. 

My name is Jelena and in this tutorial, I will show you how Skylead helps you be more organized! 

By allowing you to have an unlimited number of customizable labels on the Skylead chat! Have in mind that once you open your Skylead chat you will be able to see all conversations independently from where they come from - LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, or Emails! Imagine all of those chats without being able to label them! 🤯

That’s why we are giving you exactly this option. 

Go to your chat option: 

Let’s choose one campaign and see how a labeled chat looks like:

Click here and all the filters you have will appear in a drop-down menu. You can make as many labels as you want and need, to mark your leads as precisely as possible. You can also filter your leads (as you may see from the picture) according to the labels and shorten the search times. You can also put more than one label on one lead. 

Aside from labels, on the right side of your chat, there is an option of inserting “Notes” on each of the leads. 

Have in mind that this will be only on Skylead, since you have the same option on Sales Navigator as well, and whatever you write in Skylead’s chat will not show in Sales Navigator’s and vice-versa. They simply don’t sync. 

The role of chat labels when creating webhooks 

Labels are useful because you can connect them to webhooks. 

You can make an integration with any third-party application supported by Zapier. It can collect data for all the leads labeled “interested to learn more”, for example. That way you can make a database, whether CRM or google sheets, and make a campaign only for them. 

Click on “Create New Webhook” 

And then choose “When a label is added” - you can choose one or more labels. 

To learn more about Webhooks, click here.

I hope this tutorial was helpful! 

Enjoy your Skylead experience! 💅