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Written by Steve

PIN Verification

PIN Verification is one of the methods that LinkedIn uses to make sure that user accounts are safe and secure. These prompts appear for security reasons. They are likely if you sign in to your account from an unfamiliar location or device.

When first connecting your LinkedIn account to Skylead, you will be asked to pass the PIN verification. LinkedIn will be sending you a PIN to the email address that’s tied to your account and you will be able to use that PIN to verify your profile on Skylead.

Make sure that you enter the PIN that you’ve received in the email as soon as possible since the PIN itself will expire if not used in, at most, 5 minutes.

After entering the PIN, and passing the verification process, it may take a couple of minutes for Skylead to process your request. Now your account will be ready to use.

The other method of protection that we’ve mentioned is to complete a simple Captcha and that is handled by our Support Team. To learn more about Captcha, feel free to check out this article.