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Written by Jelena

Where Are My Messages Located?

Hi Skyleaders, 

My name is Jelena and in this tutorial, I will show you how to differentiate LinkedIn-based, Sales Navigator-based, and Email Outreach Campaigns on your Skylead chat and what other options you have at your disposal. 💁🏻

Let’s start with the basics. These are the icons that show you where the conversation came from independently from the fact that Skylead chat unites all of them. However, if you go directly to LinkedIn chat, Sales Navigator chat, or to your email inbox, you will find the conversation with that specific lead there as well.

Now, let’s choose a specific campaign and see what happens. Basically, if you click on the button highlighted in red, you can see how the conversation between you and this lead (that we chose as an example) started off in Sales Navigator and then moved to Email. 

In case you opt for “All channels”, these two channels of communication will come out as separate chats (with designated icons). We will use the example of the same lead. 

As simple as that! 

Ah, all that possibilities 😉

I hope this tutorial was helpful!

Enjoy your Skylead experience! 🚀