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Written by Steve

How to Use the Campaign Settings Section to Maximize Your Outreach

So you’ve selected the type of source that you would like to pull your leads from, imported the link/CSV file, and have chosen which degree of connections you would like to connect with.

In other words; you have filled out the necessary Campaign Info and have come to the Campaign Settings portion of the campaign creation.

Now you are faced with the Campaign Creation Flags in the form of togglable features that you can choose to enable/disable to help you fine-tune your campaign. đź’Ş

In this article, we’ll cover what each of these options does and how you can use them to maximize your outreach.

The Basics

These are your bread and butter and really focus on the efficiency and functionality of Skylead. Let’s go ahead and see what they do:

Premium LinkedIn account only 

With this flag turned on, you will only be able to discover leads who have a version of LinkedIn Premium. This includes Sales Navigator and Recruiter.

Open InMail discover

This allows you to discover only prospects that are eligible for sending free InMail from the search results. You can send up to 800 free InMails using the Skylead instead of the 20-60 free InMails that you get with your LinkedIn Premium subscriptions.

Include people you already talked to

By default people you already talked to are excluded from campaigns, but you can turn this option on, to have them included in this campaign again. This means that the people you already had a dialog on Linkedin in the past will/won’t (depending on if it’s on or off) be messaged again, the other steps of the sequence will be executed in both cases.

Collect contact info

We need to view a profile of the prospect in order to collect their contact info such as email or phone number. The collect contact info automatically adds a View Profile step to the sequence after you sent a connection request (for 2nd and 3rd+ connections). In the case where you’re targeting a 1st-degree connection, the View Profile step is added at the start of the sequence.

If there is already a View Profile step in the sequence it won’t be duplicated by the collect contact info flag.

We are able to collect every single piece of publicly available information from someone’s profile using this feature. This helps you even further if you are planning on reaching out to people using email automation.


The Advanced Flags are toggled ON by default and they should only be used if you want to do very specific things with your campaign. These options include:

Only unique leads

Leads that exist in other campaigns will not be discovered by the Skylead. This feature makes sure that you don’t pitch to the same person twice.

No pending connections

Leads that you’ve already sent a connection request to will not be discovered by the Skylead. This means that you won’t have leads with two separate connection requests going out to the same person.

You can also check out this video to see everything we talked about in action!