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Written by Steve

How to Use Custom Variables

Using Custom Variables in conjunction with Skylead’s available variables lets you go beyond with your personalization when reaching out to your leads. They can only be used when running a campaign through a CSV file which is why it makes that type of campaign the most versatile.

Here are some things to consider when creating Custom Variables in your CSV file.

  • When a Custom Variable is used, Skylead will always ask you for a replacement. This replacement will be used if the field associated with the variable is empty. Make sure that these replacements make sense contextually to the message.

  • When formatting your Custom Variables, there aren’t that many strict rules. All you have to make sure of is that the Key Variables are formatted as following [profileUrl and email] or Skylead won’t be able to recognize them. Speaking of the rules that are present
  • The Custom Variables that you use can’t be the same format as the variables that Skylead uses. For example: if Skylead uses the ‘currentCompany’ format, yours can say current_company. This way there won’t be a clash between the two types of variables.

Feel free to check out this video to learn more about Custom Variables.