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Written by Jelena

How to Make a LinkedIn Search-Based Campaign

Hi Skyleaders, 

My name is Jelena and in this tutorial, I want to get you through some LinkedIn and Skylead basics first. 

So let’s get down to business! 👊🏻

True, Skylead can support both LinkedIn Basic and Premium Accounts, but it’s better to have the Premium one. 

Let me clarify why. 

LinkedIn Premium Account, in comparison to LinkedIn Basic Account, can perform more in terms of features, such as having the option of an Unlimited Profile Search and sending a certain number of InMails. You can also view and engage with a much greater number of profiles with a Premium account.

When it comes to filters, they are the same for both Premium and Basic. 

However….! ☝🏻

Sales Navigator is more advanced as far as filters are concerned in comparison to a LinkedIn profile. The “downside” of it is its price that sometimes turns away the users from buying it. It has far more filters and more paid InMails. 

How to start a LinkedIn Search Campaign? 

The first thing we will do is target our audience on Linkedin. In the search engine type in, for example, a job position you would like to reach out to and then narrow it down by using some or all of the available filters. 

Since the “Relationship” filter is the most confusing one, let me briefly explain it:

  • 1st-degree connections are members that you are already connected with on LinkedIn. It is perfect for running a Message campaign. 
  • Mark 2nd-degree connections in case you want to expand your network. Those are leads you need to connect with first or reach out via InMail (if open to InMails) or Email (if Skylead discovers and verifies it).
  • The same applies to 3rd-degree connections. They are for expanding your network as well. The only difference is that they are not advisable to be reached out through Connection Requests on LinkedIn, but exclusively via Emails and/or InMails (whether Free or Paid).

….so use it! 

How to make a campaign on Skylead?

Click on “Create a New Campaign” and copy your final search URL into the designated area in the software. Skylead will right away recognize the type of connection you’ve previously chosen in your research, as well as the type of campaign, so there won’t be a need to do it manually. 

What does “Campaign Settings” stand for? 

There are several options you can turn off or on depending on the direction in which you want your outreach campaign to take. In the order of appearance: 

  • Choose whether you want to target premium accounts only;
  • Choose whether you want to include only leads with an open InMail status;
  • Choose whether you want to include leads you’ve already talked to via LinkedIn Messages, InMails, Emails (each degree connection); 
  • If you choose the option of Skylead collecting contact information, this will add automatically a “View” step. Why? For Skylead to scrape any type of information, it needs to visit the lead's profile first. 

If you want to know more in detail about these options, click here.

Skylead also gives you two advanced options:

  • Chances of excluding prospects that already exist in other campaigns;
  • Chances of excluding prospects with pending requests on LinkedIn. 

How to make a campaign?

You have the option of moving forward with the Simple or with Smart Sequence. 

Useeeee the smart sequence! Useeee the smart sequenceeee! 👻

(See the video for a short tutorial on how to make a simple Smart Sequence, and if you feel ready for a more complex one, click here to check it out) 

Enjoy your Skylead experience!