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Written by Jelena

How to Export Data From Your Skylead Account

Hi Skyleaders, 

Do you want to grow your database? Say no more!

Skylead to the rescue!!!! 🧞‍♀️

My name is Jelena and in this tutorial, I will show you how to save a single or all campaigns’ data, tell you more about how reports work, and in what formats they are available. 

With Skylead you have the options of exporting data: 

Per campaign

For all campaigns

Note: When you export a CSV file with all the campaigns, these will be sorted by the active (first) and inactive (following) ones, starting from the oldest and going to the newest.

You can change the order (by name/number) of it by clicking here.

Important: If you click “Collect contact info” on your Campaign settings page, Skylead will collect all the available data from your leads’ LinkedIn profiles. Additionally, in the exported file, it will add all the data from the actual campaign such as conversations, which step your leads are at (status), etc. 


Visit our Reports page by clicking: 

You will have the option of exporting them as a:

  • PDF (chart and table) - have in mind that you can change the time frame in the calendar, whether you want to see your statistics from the moment you started your first campaign, just the past/current month, or however works best for your business.
  • CSV (only table format available)


In case you are using a webhook, each time a change happens, it will send data to a CRM or a google sheet, depending on what you are using to track and store information and changes. 

If you want to know more about webhooks, click here.

I hope this tutorial helped you! 😎

Enjoy your Skylead experience!