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Written by Jelena

How to Create a Simple Sequence

Hi Skyleaders, 

So you decided to go with the Simple Sequence? Not the Smart One? Hmmmm 🤔

That's fine 🙂

My name is Jelena and in this tutorial, I will show you how to make a Simple Sequence Campaign. For these purposes, I will do a LinkedIn search, target my leads, and then copy the URL in the designated area, until I arrive at the “Campaign Creation” step. 

So for the part that precedes the step that I am showing you, check out the following tutorial here.

The first “don’t” ❌

Never start your campaign with a “View” step if you plan to follow it up with a Connection Request unless it is part of your strategy to go with the “View” step and then send a Connection Request after a certain number of days. 


Because with the Connection Request step the lead will, either way, receive a notification that you visited his/her profile. Also, in case you add the “View” step, your campaign will be slower because of the daily limits.

Therefore, we will start ours with the “Invite to Connect” and in order to send a “Connection Request”, Skylead will have to visit the lead’s profile either way. 

So let’s start this campaign with an “Invite to Connect”. 

As you may see there is an option (and an advisable one!) to enter a connect message and use all the variables you might find suitable for your target audience. It is always a good conversation starter to mention something that you might know about that person. The chances of the lead accepting a connection request are higher. You can always leave it blank, of course. 

After this, click “Add additional step” to move forward. 

In case you opted for “Collect Contact Info” at the Campaign Settings Page (see here) the sequence itself will move forward with the View Step after connecting so that Skylead can collect additional data from the lead’s LinkedIn page. That is why we will not insert this step manually, as it will happen automatically and in the background, so we will proceed with our campaign the way we want it to flow. For example - with the Message step. 

Aside from the message copy, you get the chance to decide how much time after the previous step this Message step will be executed, as well as use the Image and GIF hyper-personalization feature. 

The next step can be a follow-up message that will go one day after the first one.

This can be one very basic Simple Sequence. 

Have in mind though that there is no limit to the number of steps in your campaign. 

NOTE: The more of the same steps you put (Messages, View, Follow, etc), the campaign will depend more on your daily limits. In case you reach your limit for that day, Skylead will just automatically continue the campaign the following day, when the limits renew. 

I hope this tutorial was useful for you! 

Enjoy your Skylead experience 🚀