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Written by Steve

How to Create a Sales Navigator-based Campaign

It’s widely known that Sales Navigator has become LinkedIn’s big brother when it comes to the process of prospecting and generating new leads for your business. In this article, we’ll be going over how to create a campaign using Sales Navigator and how you can leverage its power to get the best results possible.

Sales Navigator Filters

One of the main benefits of using Sales Navigator, rather than regular LinkedIn, is the ability to have a much more precise search using Sales Navigator’s huge selection of filters.

With the ability to use the basic filters (Geography, Industry, Name…) and the more advanced ones (Seniority level, Years in current position, Company headcount...) you will truly be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

For a quick look at how to generate your Sales Navigator search, watch this video.

With these filters, I was able to find 5k+ people in this one search. Note that not every search is the same. The searches that you do over Sales Navigator differ from user to user and depend on your network - who you’re currently connected to. This is why you should always generate the search from the Sales Navigator profile that you will be using on Skylead.

The maximum number of profiles that you can view from one search is 2,500. This is also the limit on Skylead. This is a huge jump from LinkedIn’s 1,000 and it more than justifies the investment into Sales Navigator.

From Sales Navigator to Sales Outreach

Now that you’ve got your search, it’s time to take it to Skylead so that you can start generating leads from it. And it’s as simple as copying the search URL and pasting it into the URL box in Skylead.

Now that that’s done you’re ready to move to the automation itself.

With Sales Navigator, you will be able to see which profiles are Premium and, in turn, which of them are open to receiving InMails from users who are not directly connected to them.

This makes your campaigns a lot simpler since you can easily skip the Invite to Connect step and go directly to sending someone an InMail.

All of the messages you send through a campaign created with a Sales Navigator search result will, naturally, be stored in your Sales Navigator inbox. It may sound tricky to keep up with all of the inboxes, but don’t worry, our Smart Inbox merges all of the inboxes that you use into one.