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Written by Jelena

How to Create a Leads List and Use it For your Outreach Campaign

Hi Skyleaders, 

You know what they say - if you want a thing done well, do it yourself. 💪🏼

My name is Jelena and in today’s tutorial, I will show you how to pick and choose your leads manually and make an outreach campaign that will target people who are most likely to be truly interested in your service or product! 


So if you agree with us, put your seatbelts on, we are taking off! 🚀

Let’s start with me showing you how to create a Leads List. 

Go to Sales Navigator and click on "Lists" to give a name to your Leads List first. 

Type in the search engine your keywords and use filters on your left to further define your target audience. 

Before you start adding each of the leads to your Leads List, let me explain the “Relationship” filter, as that one turned out to be the most confusing one when choosing your target audience. 

Let’s go through it together, step by step! 

  • 1st-degree connections are members that you are already connected with on LinkedIn. They are perfect for running a Message campaign.
  • Mark 2nd-degree connections in case you want to expand your network. Those are the leads you need to connect with first or reach out via InMail (if open to InMails) or Email (if Skylead discovers and verifies it).
  • The same applies to 3rd-degree connections. They are for expanding your network as well. The only difference is that they are not advisable to be reached out through Connection Requests on LinkedIn, but exclusively via Emails and/or InMails (whether Free or Paid).

And Skylead has it all… 

After you’ve finished targeting your audience, manually pick and choose prospects that you want to be added to your Leads List. 

So at the end of the day, what is the MAIN value of the Leads List? 

It’s the QUALITY of your leads, babyyyy. 

As I mentioned before, manually picking and choosing prospects allows you to reach out only to prospects who you think would highly be interested in your service or product. 

Oh….and have in mind that the total number of prospects you can have in all of your Leads Lists is 1500. 

And if you wonder if that’s enough, it is, trust me - 💁🏻

So, let’s start with the campaign. 

Open your Skylead account and click on “Create New Campaign” in the upper right corner. 

Go back to Sales Navigator and open the Leads List you created. Copy-paste the URL into the Skylead account. 

By clicking “Next”, you will arrive at our Campaign Settings page:

You can turn on or off the people you already talked to or “Collect Contact Info”. 

In case you choose “Collect Contact Info” have in mind that Skylead has to go and visit the lead’s profile first to scrape all the necessary information. 

Since prospects have been picked and chosen manually, there is no option “unique leads only”. 

Once you are done with Campaign Settings, you have the option of moving forward with the Simple or with Smart Sequence. 

🤫 Go with the Smart Sequence, they are sooo cool! 

(See the video for a short tutorial on how to make a basic Smart Sequence or for a more complex one, click here

Enjoy your Skylead experience!