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Written by Jelena

How To Create a Campaign with Personal Emails

Hi Skyleaders, 

My name is Jelena and in this tutorial, I will show you how to create a Campaign with Personal Emails.

You have two scenarios. 

You can import your leads: 

Before starting to put together the actual steps of your Email Campaign, turn on the following options on the Skylead Campaign Settings page. 

Click on “Advanced” first.

Track email link clicks - track if the lead clicked on the link in the email (in case your email contains any);

Track email opens - check if the lead opened an email.

NOTE: When you are doing a Personal Emails Campaign, make sure to turn on the “Collect contact info” so that Skylead can visit your leads’ profiles and collect all publicly available data. 

Once you’ve set up the rest of the Campaign Settings, click “Next” and choose “Smart Sequences”. 

If you want to make a Personal Emails Campaign, you have to be connected with that lead on LinkedIn. Only in that case will Skylead be able to collect publicly available emails.

That being said, start with “Invite to Connect” and then “If has personal/imported Email”. 

Don’t get confused that it says “imported” as well. This condition is being used for both Personal campaigns and campaigns where your emails have been imported through a CSV file. 

If yes, continue with “Email message”. You can put as many Emails as you want. However, the following action needs to be executed for each email you add.

Check the “Personal Email” option (a must!).

There will be a pop-up (it is not an error or a bug, just a reminder) saying that you need to have an email column in your CSV file in order for this process to work. This is only for CSV-imported Campaigns. In case you are doing this campaign from a LinkedIn or Sales Navigator search, this message will not pop up at all. In case you have a CSV file containing only your leads’ LinkedIn profile URLs, just ignore the message. 

As mentioned before, you can have as many Emails as you want. 

In case you are making a Personal Emails Campaign for your 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn, the sequence should go as follows. 

Namely, Skylead needs to “View” (visit) leads’ profiles to scrape all the publicly available information. That’s why make sure to put this step right after the “Lead source” step. 

Email Characteristics 

As far as Emails are concerned, they have all the characteristics of a regular Email.

You can send emails from your Gmail or Outlook Account. 

There are: 

  • Email subject;
  • Email Body;
  • “Add Image” - the Image and GIF hyper-personalization feature (optional); 
  • Tags (in case of an imported CSV, each column of your CSV file becomes a tag as well);
  • Execution time;
  • Check the “Personal Email” option (a must!)

We hope this tutorial was helpful!

Enjoy your Skylead experience! 😀