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Written by Jelena

"Global Limits for Campaigns" Settings Option

Hi Skyleaders, 

My name is Jelena and in this tutorial, I want to show you how to best set your account limits so that your campaigns run as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Have in mind that the limits that I am about to show you how to set apply to all of your campaigns, that is, not to individual campaigns, but to the entire account. 👌🏻

Limits go by availability, for example: if one campaign is “Viewing” profile and the other one has already moved to “Sending Requests”, then the limits will be distributed accordingly. 

Let’s go through each of the options, step by step. 

Each of these limits equals steps that you use when making Simple or Smart Sequences. That is why we advise not to put too many of the same steps in your campaigns as your daily limits will be exceeded faster and this will significantly slow down your campaign. 

The only limit that you need to adjust, which is not an actual step, in your Simple or Smart Sequences is the “Discover” option. It refers to how many searches you can make on your LinkedIn account, and this is when restrictions mostly happen. If you have a basic (Free) LinkedIn account, the rules are stricter, and after a certain number of searches, your profile is likely to be restricted. LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator, on the other hand, have the advantage of an Unlimited Search Option. 

The higher the subscription plan is on LinkedIn the higher the limits are. 🤷🏻

Usually, LinkedIn flags you for Connection Invites, View Profiles, and Discovery. We advise you to keep these as low as possible, especially due to the newest LinkedIn restrictions. The most common bans happen for Connection Requests, so if you see that you got flagged by LinkedIn, try to keep this feature at the lowest possible limits. 

Also, as much as Emails don’t undergo the LinkedIn restrictions, it is best to keep this number reasonable and similar to other channels of outreach, as you still want your campaign to seem as humanly done as possible. Anything between 25 - 50 emails a day is acceptable. If you send more than that, some of your emails might end up in the Spam folder. 

Skylead gives you 800 Free InMails a month, which is around 35-40 per day, and reserved only for those profiles open to InMails. When you have LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator, you have a certain number of Paid InMails as well. 

Soon, Skylead will also have Paid InMails!

I hope this tutorial was helpful!

Enjoy your Skylead experience! 🤸🏼