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Written by Jelena

Explanation of Options From the Campaign Tracking Dashboard

Hi Skyleaders, 

So you made your first campaign, and after a certain time, you see just a bunch of numbers and signs all around your Campaign Tracking Dashboard? 🤔

If you are like - I should probably know what these mean - today is your lucky day. 🍀

Well, that’s why I am here! My name is Jelena and, in this tutorial, I will explain each button and option on your Campaign Tracking Dashboard. 

Let’s start from a Campaign Tracking Dashboard where you will find all of your campaigns listed. Aside from the data that you can already see, did you know that by clicking the button on your right (see below), you will extend the available information regarding your campaigns?

If we start from the first column of the table, you will see:

  • Number of profiles your account has viewed
  • Number of profiles you started to follow
  • Number of sent emails 
  • Number of verified emails
  • Connections sent
  • Number of InMails that were sent 
  • Replied - the total of all replies whether as an Email, InMail, and LinkedIn Messages and even a response to Connection Request messages
  • Number of connections accepted
  • Acceptance rate - calculated by the number of sent and accepted Connection Requests
  • Response rate - the number of sent and responded Emails, InMails, and LinkedIn Messages
  • Only for Emails:

Open rate - how many people opened the email

Click rate - if there was a link in the email, how many people clicked on it

Bounce rate - if the email did not reach the recipient for any reason

  • Campaign status

Image of a magnifying glass - it means that Skylead is in the process of discovering leads;

Image of a green checkmark - it means that Skylead finished the process of discovering leads;

Image of a blue checkmark - it means that Skylead sent all the Connection Requests;

  • Total leads - how many leads have been discovered in that campaign by far
  • Total Sent Messages  - a total of all LinkedIn messages sent during the campaign
  • Date - the date when the campaign was created

Once you open your campaign, you can edit all the listed leads. 


People sometimes have their name written in lowercase or contain additional titles/words/emojis you would like to be omitted. Skylead is set to automatically erase these, but as there is an infinite number of titles one can add, not each of them is covered. Since you want your outreach to seem as humanly done as possible, you might want these corrected before sending a copy that includes tags with their name, occupation, etc. 

If you click on the drop-down menu you can select the campaign, together with the information on the side if the campaign is active or inactive. 

What is even more important when it comes to clicking on a certain campaign is the “Put back into the campaign” button. You have the option of doing it here or in the chat. 

When do you use this button? 

Every time a lead answers to your Message, Email, InMail, you have the option of replying manually in the chat or putting the lead back to the campaign for whatever your next step is set to be. 

What else can you do from this page? 

You also have the option of exporting data for the selected campaign, adding new leads (only via CSV file), and even export data for all campaigns that you have. 

Note: When you export a CSV file with all the campaigns, these will be sorted by the active (first) and inactive (following) ones, starting from the oldest and going to the newest.

Important: If you click “Collect contact info” on your Campaign settings page, Skylead will collect all the available data from your leads’ LinkedIn profiles. Additionally, in the exported file, it will add all the data from the actual campaign such as conversations, which step your leads are at (status), etc. 

For more information on exporting data, check out this tutorial here.

Yes, we covered everything!  

I hope this tutorial was helpful! 

Enjoy your Skylead experience!