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Written by Steve

Check Leads List

If you click on Check Leads, Skylead will list the leads of the selected campaign. You will be able to see your current step, next step, the status of your lead, and your leads list, all in real-time.

Now, let's go over all of the statuses that a lead can have.

  • Discovered - The lead has been discovered by the tool and is ready to be engaged by Skylead
  • Connection Pending - Skylead has sent out the initial connection request and is now waiting for the lead to accept it
  • Connected, not replied - The lead has accepted the connection request but hasn't replied to it. The automation will continue for these leads until they respond to the initial connection request or any of the follow-up messages
  • Replyed - The lead has replied to the connection request or message and can now be found in Skylead's Smart Inbox

Independently from the step, the lead is at, you can always decide to exclude a lead from the running campaign for any reason.

Extra trick: You can click on “Edit Leads” at any moment and change the data Skylead collected. 


People sometimes have their name written in lowercase or contain additional titles/words/emojis you would like to be omitted. Skylead is set to automatically erase these, but as there is an infinite number of titles one can add, not each of them is covered. Since you want your outreach to seem as humanly done as possible, you might want these corrected before sending a copy that includes tags with their name, occupation, etc. 

You can find the rest of the Campaign Setting Options here.