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Written by Jelena

Campaign Settings Options from the Lead List

Hi Skyleaders, 

I bet you didn't even know how many options there are when it comes to your already existing campaigns! 😎

My name is Jelena and in this tutorial, I will show you what this itsy bitsy button over here can do 🙂

Start with opening the Campaign Tracking Dashboard on your Skylead account where you can see all of your campaigns listed in one place. 

By clicking the above-mentioned button it will give you the following options: 

Let’s go through each of them together. 

Check Lead List

If you click on Check Leads, Skylead will list the leads of the selected campaign. You will be able to see your current step, next step, the status of your lead, and your leads list, all in real-time.

Independently from the step the lead is at, you can always decide to exclude a lead from the running campaign for any reason.

Extra trick: You can click on “Edit Leads” at any moment and change the data Skylead collected. 


People sometimes have their name written in lowercase or contain additional titles/words/emojis you would like to be omitted. Skylead is set to automatically erase these, but as there is an infinite number of titles one can add, not each of them is covered. Since you want your outreach to seem as humanly done as possible, you might want these corrected before sending a copy that includes tags with their name, occupation, etc. 

Edit Campaign 

When it comes to editing your campaigns, you can change only two things:

  1. The copy of your Email/LinkedIn Message/InMail;
  2. The timing between the steps. 

Duplicate Campaign Steps 

If you want to make a new campaign and use all the steps of an already existing campaign, this is the option you should start with. This way you will have all the steps duplicated and all you need to do is copy-paste the URL with the new LinkedIn Search Results (or importing a CSV file, Sales Navigator Search, Leads List, etc.) into the “Campaign info” step.

As far as the editing campaign is concerned, the same rules apply. 

Add New Leads

You can always add new leads to the selected campaign but only if you have them in a CSV file. 

Open Chat

This option opens the Inbox with the campaign’s chat. 

Export Data 

You can export the data from your campaign in a CSV file that will contain all the information that Skylead collected and that is visible on your “Campaign page” dashboard. 

For more detailed information on how to export data, click here.

Delete Campaign

Click on this button if you want to delete your campaign. 

I hope this tutorial was helpful 💅🏼

Enjoy your Skylead experience!